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Термометр ProMedica IRT безконтактний інфрачервоний
Спеціальна ціна 1 275,00 ₴ Звичайна ціна 1 700,00 ₴

Відгуки про препарат Термометр ProMedica IRT безконтактний інфрачервоний

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  1. Art

    I am the business development director at Creative Bear Tech and following my research of your business, we feel that we can help you to increase your sales and distribution.

    We provide B2B Databases for virtually all niches. Every database comes in an excel file and contains contact details for businesses in your niche, including email, website, tel number, address, social media links, geo-location, description and more.

    All leads are verified and compliant with data privacy laws, including GDPR. All leads are sourced from the public domain including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps and specialist directories and trade shows. The databases are compiled by us at our multiple data centre location (no middle men or resellers) which means that we strenuously stand by our quality guarantee.

    Every database is manually verified for accuracy and relevancy by our support team. All sales leads are global and cover practically all countries. You can sort all sales leads by country right inside the spreadsheet using the geo-location column.

    Our sales leads will help you to connect your business with all prospective businesses operating in your chosen niche. We have already helped over 100 companies to achieve new sales and distribution for their products and services worldwide.

    You can use the leads for email marketing, tele sales, social media outreach and more.

    We offer free lifetime updates on all purchases as well as a quality guarantee. Our sales leads are extremely comprehensive, accurate and updated on a regular basis. Moreover, we do not charge on a per-lead basis. Instead, we only have a one-off fee.

    To learn more about our Business Mailing Lists and see some samples, please head to https://creativebeartech.com

    Kind regards

    Art Giroux
  2. jhoanna
    Fuck you from TOSUN pharmacy!

    Fuck you idiot! Our pharmacy products cheap and you don't buy? Are you fucking stupid? Fuck your whore mom! Fuck your whole prostitute family!

    If you don't buy from TOSUN Pharmacy, never do business with you stupid fucking guys!

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  3. Lane

    I am the business development manager at Creative Bear Tech Software and I am writing to introduce you to the CBT Email Extractor.

    CBT Email Extractor is a desktop software that is capable of scraping the search engines, business directories, social media sites, and own website lists for business contact details. The search engine scraper will scrape all business contact details using your keywords and then merge them into one excel file. The email spider will scrape the business name, website, emails, address, social media links, country, and geo-location into a single Excel file.

    Core Features

    Options to scrape Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo!, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Places/Maps.
    Keyword Magic Tool for generating keywords for scraping.
    Content and Domain name filters to skip websites not containing your keywords in the meta titles/descriptions/HTML text
    Multi-Threading for faster scraping
    Proxy and captcha solving integrations
    Email List cleaner to clean the scraped database on the basis of your criteria
    Suppression tool to remove records on the basis of your black list (email/website) or add a custom note to each record
    Merging tool to merge multiple databases together
    Splitting tool to split databases on the basis of records and countries
    Option to update all existing records within an existing database
    Option to update a database by scraping more leads on top
    Ability to automatically resume the software in case of a crash
    All results are automatically saved to a custom folder
    Runs only on Windows operating system
    VPS friendly
    Works with VPNs
    We offer No hidden fees, Free lifetime updates and great support.

    Product: https://creativebeartech.co.uk/product/cbt-web-scraper-and-email-extractor-software/

    How it works: https://creativebeartech.co.uk/email-extractor-tutorial/

    Kind regards

    Lane Blubaugh
  4. Margret

    I trust this email finds you well.

    Sending bulk E-Mails or newsletters is unarguably very expensive and most newsletter sending services will charge you depending on your email list or total E-Mails sent which can land you with a hefty bill. This is what motivated us to create the most revolutionary bulk email software on the market.

    How about if I told you that you can now send as many free E-Mails or newsletters as you want for life to whoever you like? Whether you want to send out a 100 or 10 million E-Mails to your email list, the CBT Mass Email Sender can tailor to all email sending needs, no matter the size. Moreover, this is all free. That's right, there are no subscriptions or hidden charges. Pay once for the software and use it as much as you want for life.

    The bulk email sender can send E-Mails in three different ways:

    1) custom SMTP relays (supports SMTP rotation);
    2) direct DNS sending (example send E-Mails from coffee shops or any other private or public IP/wifi) or
    3) send E-Mails through private and public proxies.

    Core Features

    Automatic email list cleaning – removes bounced E-Mails from your email list
    Easy-to-Use HTML editor for creating your message
    Spintax supported – generate unique messages through spintax
    IP reputation warmer feature: increase the total E-Mails sent over time incrementally to warm up your IP sender reputation and benefit from a high inbox rate
    Filters: do not send your email to more than one company email or E-Mails longer than X characters
    Short URLs: generate unique short URLs for your main link inside the email to avoid blacklists
    Send test E-Mails to yourself to see how the message looks
    High Inbox Rate
    Remove unsubscribers automatically
    The software is very intuitive and well-documented and is already helping many start-up companies to save money and generate leads for their business.

    To learn more about the software, I welcome you to check out the following pages:

    Core Features: https://creativebeartech.co.uk/product/cbt-mass-email-sender-desktop-software/

    How it Works (Tutorials): https://creativebeartech.co.uk/mass-email-sender-tutorial/

    Thanks for your time and I hope that this software will change the way you do your email marketing.

    Kind regards

    Margret Abernathy
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